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kiana 10:41 AM 08-15-2008
Good Day,

I have just completed my 90 hrs course to start a family daycare in Maryland and I am having a trying time on figuring out how to migrate smoothly from working full time to opening up my home daycare.

I have considered a few options. One of them was to advertise for a month and pray that I have parents sign up and be committed to a date that I set so I can have a solid resignation date from my fulltime job.

Another option was to either hire a certified helper to run my childcare program for a month or get a family member certified to run it for me for a month or so.

Does anyone have any advice they can share on how to make the transistion smooth without goin into dept?

Thanks soo much.
Unregistered 06:16 PM 08-16-2008
I think the first option sounds best.
Set up interview times..
And set a date that you will be open for business..
I did it 16 years ago...
I'm still in business.
I ran an ad in the local paper..
New Child Care opening soon.
full time positions available beginning -------...
Unregistered 02:50 PM 08-21-2008
How were you able to be confident, that you would be able to pay them knowing you just started?
anicam 04:03 PM 08-24-2008
You did a nice thing to learn but I think you still need continuous learning. Find a certified helper and still keep your day job, this is to let you see yourself how things are have done the theory you need practical.

Advertise on medium like local newspapers and hand bills etc this is done only to create awareness of your new business, also never to post your opening date and time.
Nice time
daycaremom1998 05:52 PM 09-03-2008
I opened my daycare 10 years ago, and I went from a corporate job to my daycare. First, I told all my neighbors and friends about what I was planning on doing. I filled several slots using this as my neighbors already knew me and it was going to be extremely convenient for them. Second, I ran an ad that simply stated something to the effect of .... New home daycare opening (date), full-time positions available. Call now to reserve your spot.... I then made a flyer with little pull off tabs and hung them in the businesses that I frequently did business with... my hair dresser, my vet, my mechanic.... I then made postcard-size flyers and put them in the schools. I was full and ready for business on my start day.

I hope this helps.
NEDaycare 01:38 PM 10-28-2008
What will happen in your particular situation cannot be predicted. If you can hire a helper to actually open it for you, that would be ideal. However, I found that I was not operating at full capacity until about six months into my business. I had three kids committed to show up on day #1, and only one ended up doing so. The difference was that I got a deposit from the first family which I took off of their first week of tuition. The second family with the two kids did not show up and I later found out why. Their then-current provider was NOT making them pay in advance, and they planned to stiff her the last two weeks of daycare tuition. But, they wanted me to let them pay in arrears, too and when I declined, they found other daycare. It's common around here for that to happen. It's also common for those that rely on the State to pay for their care (or those posing as a family qualified for those payments) to say that their caseworker will mail the authorization. Then you watch their child for a week or two, no authorization ever comes, and you call the caseworker only to find out that they never filled out the paperwork or the family is not eligible, and you just provided 2 weeks of free care.

I'd recommend getting a deposit, and requiring any State pay authorizations be received by you prior to providing care. Also, if you dont hire a certified helper, I'd be prepared to live without luxury items for quite some time before you get up and going.
Unregistered 10:14 AM 12-01-2008
I am also in Maryland and was in the same situation 6 years ago. I set a date that I was going to open, and then ran ads with that date in them. On opening day I had 5 full time kids plus my own 3, ages 2,4,6. As you know, in Maryland you can be licensed for 8 and only your own kids under 6 years old count against that. I was VERY fortunate, that when I gave my two-week notice, my company offered to let me work from home, at full salary and full benefits. They paid me for seven full months, until they found my replacement. I worked during the 2 hour nap time (when I could) and again after the daycare kids went home and when my kids went to bed. Very, very, hectic, but put away enough money that if my daycare ran short, I could still pay the bills. I had enough extra to last almost 2 years. I don't know what you do right now, but is it possible to work your current job from home until the daycare really gets going? I did not tell my job that I was doing daycare, but as long as I got everything done, they didn't care. I actually got more than usual done and took on other peoples work, because I wasn't commuting 2 hours each way to DC anymore.
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