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Unregistered 11:46 AM 12-11-2008
Hi there. My name is Beth and I am a senior in college at Middle Tennessee State University. Stick with me while I provide some brief background info for perspective. Throughout my college career I have made my aprents proud with my 4.0 GPA as a Biology major. I have worked hard and am pretty proud of myself, but the thing is I really don't see myself doing anything with a degree in Biology. However, I have always loved kids and have always been deemed goofy and hyperactive myself. I enjoy teaching kids and helping them succeed and I feel that being a good role model to kids would be a great way to spend my life. Here's the predicament: My parents think that working with kids is "a waste of my potential". I know it sounds awful and I hate that they think that way, but they have gone through bankruptcy twice and think that opening a daycare is idiotic on my part. I just feel that I would be so happy starting out caring for young kids in my home as a young energetic adult. So, my question is this: Do you think that a career in opening a daycare (in my home starting out) is something enjoyable enough to sacrifice my 5 years of biology schooling for? I HOPE that it is, but I have never had the luxury to experience it, so I was hoping that some of you could let me know what it's like on a daily basis and if I will be able to provide for a family of my own someday and help pay off student loans at the same time. I'm not big on money like my parents so I don't care to be rich. Being surrounded by the happiness children bring is enough for a rich life to me. I just would like to know if it's something that will pay off in the long run. I am 22 and live in Tennessee. I plan to live in a smaller town and would like to get licensed to teach preschool and would like to have around 12 to 15 kids and would be willing to hire an assistant if regulations would prevent me from caring for such a great number of children on my own. Thanks in advance for your input.
MissLisa 11:34 PM 12-11-2008
I am twice your age... and I started out as a nurse for several years before opening my day care center. I can tell you from experience ... if you want to make big bucks... you won't ... at least not right off... You have to put everything back into your business until you have established good clients. I have a few ideas for you... FIRST... I would finish my degree with the biology... because one... don't waste it... you will always have it to fall back on if things don't work out... SECOND... you have to do what you feel in your heart will make you happy. I was always in the same position... I did everything in my life to make my parents happy... and very seldom went against their opinion or wishes. (don't get me wrong.. I did go against them a few times and I hate to say it but in some cases they were right.. and some they were not). BUT... you are an adult now and need to make your own decision but do not forget their advise... it may come in handy down the road... but I feel before you open one in your home you need to find a provider that is willing to let you come and pick their brain...ask questions and learn... ask what they did to start.. how long did it take before they started to make money..what they were expected to do... and most of all... call your licensing department.. they should have copies of the regulations... maybe training sessions... or information sessions to find out what all is involved. We are in PA and I can't answer what is expected in Tenn. But do your homework... it is a lot of work and lot of liability... Call places and inquire on prices they charge... call insurance companies for prices of insurance and if you have employees you need to check into payroll and taxes. I could go on and on... there is a lot to learn and lot to get started. As I suggested... don't give up on what you want to do that makes you happy... but please take my advise and do some MAJOR HOMEWORK...
Unregistered 04:58 PM 12-15-2008
I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post. I was curious if anyone would. I think I have read a hundred or so of the posts on this website to give me an idea of what it's really like to own a daycare or preschool. I was excited to find out how much work it takes. I am a busy-body and need to be running at 100mph all the time or I feel bored. I can't wait to continue my research and get a plan down on paper so I can get this great task started. I am going to try to get the legalities taken care of between working and classes during my final semester, so that hopefully I can have things up and running in a year or two. I'm very excited, but in no rush because I want to get everything in order before I consider opening. All of the posts on here have me so excited. I wish I could just open a facility tomorrow!!! Haha. Thank you again for your response.
Unregistered 07:46 AM 01-02-2009
You probably have already made up your mind about what you are going to do, and are just asking for advice to see if others will tell you what you want to hear. But I am here to tell you that you need to definitely finish your education. Daycare is not what it's cracked up to be. Nothing wrong with trying it for a while, but for the first year, you'll hardly make a dime. Between licensing, getting your house up to standards, buying toys for the kids, putting 1/2 of what you make back into food for the kids, and replacing all the things that they are going to break you'll be lucky to make ends meet. Even if you are at full capacity. If I was not married, I'd be bankrupt by now. I'm not sure why my husband puts up with it.
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