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gr0124 07:21 AM 11-19-2011
I want to start day care center in my home. I am good with little children. I enjoy playing with kids. As a matter of fact, given the chance, I would always choose to play with children instead of spending time with the adults talking,etc,etc.

I come from the family of 5 kids and apparently this made it easy for me to assocuiate with small children. Not only it is easy for me, but I also enjoy doing it. And I know that children also like to play with me. It always was like this and now I see it happening with my 3 year old grand daughter. I live in pretty big house with my wife in south California.

I am not very young any more. I am 60. And it looks like it becomes more and more difficult for me to stay in the field were I was for the last 33 years. I still work as a programmer for relatively big company. About 1000 people. I live in San Diego.

It looks like our company is moving more and more into hiring employees in India and letting local people go. Not sure exactly when it will be my turn, but I am sure it is coming. So, given all that I have described above, I would want to find more about day care.

I have found that it is much more productive for me to start new things from talking to people instead of reading regulations.
I would appreciate very much if whoever reads my post and has something to say and has time to comment, please, do that.

Here is the list a questions I have:
1. I am a male, not a female. Will I have problems with permissions?
2. I am a male, not a female. Do you think it will be very difficult for me to convince a mother of a child that I am not a threat to her child?
3. Does my house have to be equipped certain way? Is it something that cost a lot of money?
4. Anything else you want to say, please, do. I really appreciate any feedback I can have here?

Regards, Gregory, 619-277-2488
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