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Christian Mother 12:27 PM 11-19-2011
There was a tread on here for a diff. state and didn't notice anything for AZ regulations.

It looks like we will be walking away from our house and giving back our car. It's been a month and no permit job for hubby. There is work for him but nothing close to what he used to make. No one wants to hire til after the new yr. We are going to stop paying on our home and car. Let them take them both. We spoke to our tax lady and she said that bc we are $83K upside down in our home. If we do a loan mod on our home the loan will go into reverse. If we try to ever sale this house we will be force to pay back more then what we purchased for bc of the loan mod. We asked for help on the car and the bank will not work with us either. It's bc we are still current on all our payments. The money in the bank at this moment is starting to dwindle...Our bank owns our car. We will most likely open another checking as our bank will likely freeze our accts. Ever have that feeling of throwing your hands up and feeling defeat?!

So, we will need to rent...our bank is one of the quickest in taking only 6 months to take back a home. That will mean that by summer we will need to rent. I would like to run my daycare out of a renters home but don't know how others do in the state of AZ. I know that a home owner has the right to not rent to me if I operate my own biz in their home. But if we have a agreement in place and I get separate ins. to cover my daycare and the home owner I would think that would at least help safe guard my daycare but also help the home owner feel secure in renting to us specially if I ran a small (4 child) in home daycare. I researched on the internet but only finding things on diff. states like CA. Anyone in AZ who rents and how do you do it? Thanks for any help!!
youretooloud 09:49 PM 11-19-2011
As long as the homeowner knows about the business, and you have insurance, there shouldn't be a problem. Some will allow you to rent, others might choose another family to rent to.

You do not have to be licensed, or regulated, but if it helps, you can be regulated through the food program.
Breezy 11:12 PM 11-19-2011
No advice just wanted to say im from az too!!!!!
Blackcat31 08:19 AM 11-20-2011
No advice here either but I wanted to say ((((((hugs))))) that you are going through this at all. I sincerely wish that things weren't so horrible in our economy right now.

Please, please make sure you have checked out ALL of your options before you let your house and car go. I know it is probably not your first choice but I just hate to see someone lose something they rightfully worked so hard to have in the first place and then lose it due to circumstances they did not create.

Again, (((((hugs)))) and prayers to you.
Sprouts 09:30 AM 11-20-2011
sorry to hear about this situation for you

If you decide to run daycare from a rental make sure you check zoning regulations, i am from NY so they are very strict with zoning. And when in doubt, call lisencor =)

Where in AZ are you, I have a lot of family there.
Christian Mother 10:23 PM 11-20-2011
I'm out in Mesa, AZ I love it!!!

I contacted a property manager here who said that I'd just need to get approval from the landlord. I would need my renters ins. as well as my inc. for my llc with the landlord on it. He said bc I own a small daycare I should not have many problems as for az state 5 or more child I'd need to be lic.

Sprouts- I don't think I need to have zoning approval to operate a daycare while renting. I didn't need to do that while i owned a home so I don't think it would also apply while renting. I will ask the property manager though.

Breezy- I am sooo happy to know of another daycare owner in AZ!! Not many of us on here so I am very excited!!

Blackcat31- Thank you soooo much for thinking of me and the hugs!! There isn't much we can do right now for our car...we refinanced it 4 or 5 months ago bc it is sooo new that the bank will not work with us. So the best thing at this time is just stop paying on it. We just can't afford the payments any longer. In AZ if your one day pass due they have to write to take it away that soon. As far as our house we are doing a loan mod or trying to do a loan mod but you have to be behind for them to consider doing one for you. What they are offering is to drop our mortgage payments to meet our needs. Then after a few months they go back to what they where. I think the problem for us is that between what we both make it isn't enough to cover the bills. We are paying things on our credit cards which is not good at all. We've got to do something and right at this moment the car and house is whats got to go. I realize that we need to start over to begin anew...I admit I'm nervous and I feel like a fool. With the house...we're sooo upside down in it. If we did a short sale the bank can still come back after the diff. A house in our neighborhood w/the same floor plan and sq footage got appraised for $85K. We owe $176K. It's just best to let it go. Right now the law here has the debt forgiveness plan but there trying to change it in Dec. 2012. I do not want to have to pay that remainder back to the bank...

Yourtoloud-One of my families mentioned the food program bc back when she did childcare she was lic. and also did the food program. But what I do is ashually claim meal at the end of the yr and it really works out well. You see with the food programs they give you checks each month but you get taxed on it. I'd rather just pay out of pocket and then claim and then be reimbursed not to mention I like the variety I have in my home where as the food program is a little to complicated for me. You'd have to offer food that gets thrown a way and not eaten and that's a waste for me. Most of my kids do not drink milk as one is lactose and the others mom does not like the hormones in milk..she is very picky in what is served for her son. It just works out well for me to do what I'm doing right now....thank you though for all your help!!

All of you have been really helpful!! Thank you!!
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