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MBSS 09:36 PM 11-19-2011

I have been thinking of opening a day care center here in Texas. However would like to know how much it would cost to open the doors to the public besides the licensing Fees etc.,, I need to know in terms of how much should I anticipate to invest for an average size of day care ( not in home )

I would like to hear from the experienced ones & this would enable me to determine whether I can afford it at this time or should I wait some more ?

1) How much of investments approximately in $$$
2) How long will it normally take to break even and make money, if done right
3) Will day care business be eligible to apply for small business loan
4) How many day care staffs should I need to have initially ?

I am new to this forum and on my way to do lot more research with a help from these kinds of forums and its members

Thanks in advance
Naquisho 01:03 PM 11-23-2011
I have a inhome Daycare and I been trying to open a center for 2 years. One thing I can tell you, its not easy. People dont care about what you say you want to do. They care about the mony and you have to have alot of it. The building I was trying to get was 5,000 down. The owner didn't think a Daycare would make it in that area. Just pray and keep looking.
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