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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Do I Need To Do To Open A Daycare Center?
Unregistered 01:38 PM 01-17-2012
Hi! My name is Julia and I have had an in-home daycare or 2 years now and I want to begin the process of opening a daycare center. I know this is completely different than having an in-home day care and was wondering if anyone had advice on where to start, what kinds of things do I need to pay special attention to, and general guidance. Thanks
daycare 01:41 PM 01-17-2012
Hello welcome to the form

maybe if you can tell us what state you are from that might be more helpful. All states have different rules..

I don't have any advice, but hopefully others will.

Sounds like a fun adventure!! Best of luck
Michael 02:14 PM 01-17-2012
This thread will be helpful. Also, try becoming a registered forum member.
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