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Chum Sserunkuuma 05:04 PM 12-01-2010
Hi, my name is Chum Sserunkuuma, currently working as a researcher and professor at a local university in Uganda. My wife resigned her job as a secretary to take care of our 2 toddlers (age 2.5 and 4.5) after several months of frustration with babysitters. My wife also trained as an infant teacher over 20 years ago and practiced for a few years before circumstances forced to change careers. She and I are born-again christians and we have a passion for children.

Recently, we got a loan from the bank and are about to finish construction of premises for a daycare and play centre for children, which will enable my wife to take care of our toddlers and other children whose parents share the same frustration with babysitters like us. We don't have any training or experience in running such business, and because of not having a babysitter, my wife has failed to find time to get formal training in managing a daycare business. I too, being the sole bread winner at the moment I am finding it hard to take a relevant course. We are intending to hire qualified people after we finish construction, but we strongly feel we need to have a clear understanding of the business we are getting into and how to manage it.

The reason Iam writing is to seek assistance with any kind of materials and resources that can equip me and my wife to offer the best daycare services in our community.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

laundrymom 05:36 PM 12-01-2010
Michael? Lol this sounds like a cl ad.
Michael 06:47 PM 12-01-2010
He did register. His IP is located in the US though. So I am wondering if his connection propagates from Uganda to the US or if its a local ad. We'll see what becomes of it.
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