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Mpsych 11:04 AM 08-22-2011
I have my masters in school psychology. I live in New York and would love to open a daycare... Can I be the director with a M.A. in school psych?
I would like to have more than 12 kids enrolled so is that diffrent? would i need diffrent license... Please any help would be great... Thank you!
Preschool/daycare teacher 06:36 PM 08-23-2011
If you want more than 12 children (and two school agers) in care (which is the maximum you can have in a large home daycare), then I think you would have to open a center. Centers have a whole long list of additional requirements than a home daycare. Here's what I found on for "worker's Qualifications": Heads of Groups must have an AA in early childhood education, child development, or another child-related area; or CDA credential and 2 years experience related to caring for children; or high school diploma or equivalent and 3 years experience. Additionally, if caring for a group of children under the age of 3 years, must have 1 year experience and/or training specifically in Infant and Toddler care.
But I think that's just for teachers/employees at daycare centers. I don't know what the requirements would be for a director/owner.
You should move to my state we can have up to 16 children (plus 3 schoolaged, I think) in a class 2 home daycare. A class 1 daycare alone can have as many as 12 children (plus 3 school agers, I think). And a MA in Phychology would definitely work (I think you would still have to get your CDA after opening, but in the mean time you could go ahead and open one and get the CDA within 3 yrs of opening). BUT since you're NOT in my state, maybe someone from NY will be able to let you know the requirements for an owner/director.
Oh, just found something. Try this link and scroll down to Staff Qualifications: Hope this helps
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