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baosmall 07:50 PM 08-25-2011
Any New Yorkers who are familiar with the Director's eligibility requirements for a large daycare center in NYC or Long Island? For instance, I have a BS & MBA degree, and am willing to get my 12 credits in Early Childhood Education within the next year or so.

However, from reading online, NY requires 1 yr of full time work experience at a daycare center. It also requires 1 year of staff management or supervisory experience.

Therefore, my question is if I have part-time 1+year of teaching volunteer work experience in a daycare center AND 2 years of staff management experience in a healthcare outpatient facility (NOT daycare center staff management), does that suffice as the director's qualifications? Is there any leniency if I have comparable education level and even work experience in staff management as well as volunteer work experience in daycare.

My main goal is to own and start my daycare center for a 50 children facility but in the beginning I won't have money to hire a director. Therefore, I would like to be the director initially and if the business takes off, I would hire someone to take the director role.

Also, what is the estimated total cost of building a daycare center in NYC (for 50 kids) and employing staff? I can't seem to get a good estimate online.

Thanks for anyone's feedback!!

Michael 01:40 AM 08-26-2011
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.

Director Qualifications
Must have an Associate's degree in child development, elementary education or related field or two years of college with 18 credits in a related field, or a School-Age Child Care credential, plus a minimum of 2 years direct experience working with children under the age of 13 years, and a least one year in a supervisory capacity. For programs with fewer than 45 children, the director may also perform administrative/fiscal management functions and/or program supervision functions; in larger programs these responsibilities may not be performed by the head of the group.
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