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anya 08:13 PM 07-18-2011
Hello all! I have been coming to this site going through threads and coming with questions for several months, I don't think I realized registering was so easy or I would have done it long ago!! hah

I'm a mom of an almost 2 year old girl, have one on the way due in Sept, and have been operating a small unlicensed (but legal - numbers low) family childcare home for about a year. I am looking into getting licensed and really enjoying what I do. It was never on my radar that I would be doing this one day, but I have really fell in love with having such creative control in operating my own business, and I love getting to learn from all the people who've been doing it for much longer than me!

Looking forward to getting to know more of you!
Michael 12:49 AM 07-19-2011
Glad you finally joined. Sorry it took so long to approve this thread. I upgraded your status. You can now post freely.
anya 08:07 PM 07-19-2011
Thanks Michael!
Cat Herder 09:56 PM 07-19-2011
rbmom 05:26 AM 07-20-2011
Hello and welcome!
anya 05:39 PM 07-20-2011
thank you thank you!
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