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lucky 12:17 PM 09-23-2011
Hi Everybody! I'm just wondering how much notice you give parents before a rate increase. My new contract ,which goes into effect Jan. 1st will include a $5.00 per week increase per child. Also when do you expect contracts returned signed. Last year I didn't get a couple until into January. Nothing really changed, but still overdue. Thanks for the input!
Michael 12:18 PM 09-23-2011
Some threads on Rate Change Notification:
Meyou 12:28 PM 09-23-2011
I give 4 weeks notice in case they want to look elsewhere for care.
cheerfuldom 12:29 PM 09-23-2011
Updated contracts need to be signed and returned within 1 week. Rate increases go into effect two weeks after I give out the new contract. Don't feel like you have to give a ton of time. A few weeks is enough to decide what they want to do and find other care if the increase is too much for them. I wouldn't give months of notice.
daycare 12:33 PM 09-23-2011
30 day price increase
14 days to return. No care provided after 14 days until contract is returned.
MommyMuffin 12:38 PM 09-23-2011
I haven't done this yet but I think I would do a few weeks. I know $5 is not a big increase but some people live paycheck to paycheck and may need a little time to move somethings around. But I would not give more than 4 weeks. Also, like daycare said 14 days to have a returned contract. That way you will know if they plan on leaving or not.
wdmmom 07:39 AM 09-26-2011
I raised my rates effective October 1, 2011. I gave notice on August 26th. It was equivalent to 5 weeks. I raised rates by $5 a week and I didn't have any issue from any family.
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