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Country Kids 01:53 PM 06-26-2012
Really thinking of going from hourly to a flat rate that is daily. One reason is I have some families that just come and go as they please. I know bad me but I'm trying to change it by redoing my rates.

I did think of keeping it hourly and just charge them what their original schedule is but really don't want to keep up with what if they come early/later. If I charge one flat rate it will cover for the entire day.

So now I'm really not sure how to word this? I don't want to say that its because people are abusing it. I was thinking of something along the lines of rising costs, average childcare amount in the area, etc. Any ideas of how to word a rate change that is going from hourly to flat.
Blackcat31 02:03 PM 06-26-2012
Dear Families,

In order to streamline my business, as of July 1, 2012 rates will now be based on the daily attendance rather than hourly. The new rates will be $35 per day per child.

Thank you,

Daycare Provider

I honestly wouldn't get into specifics. Just do what YOU need to do and leave it at that.
cheerfuldom 02:07 PM 06-26-2012
You dont have to give any reason or justify the change.

Dear Daycare Parents,

Effective (date), hourly rates will no longer be charged. A daily rate of X amount will be charged each day your child is in care, regardless of the amount of time they are in care. If your child is in care for any length of time on a single day, you will be charged the full daily rate of X amount. If your child is picked up early or sent home for any reason, you will still be charged the full daily rate.

If these changes no longer work for your daycare needs, please provide two weeks notice per my contract and begin your search for a new childcare arrangement.

OP, for your own sake, I would add the following to your policies
*a schedule a month in advance
*payments in advance with no refunds (if you dont already do that)
*payment is made based on days they have scheduled, not attendance. If you schedule a day, you pay for it, whether your child comes or not. OR you can credit to the next month's care but no refunds.
*all drop offs must be made by a certain time, after that, child is considered absent for the day and will not be taken into care. parent will still pay for scheduled day
*pickups must be made at this time. anything outside of that time needs to be communicated to the provider BEFORE parent just shows up at the door. No more random coming and going, no drops or pickups during nap time
momma2girls 06:07 PM 06-26-2012
make sure and contract drop off and pick up times for all the families.
momma2girls 06:14 PM 06-26-2012
make sure and contract drop off and pick up times for all the families.
brookeroo 11:07 AM 06-28-2012
Just be sure you are willing to commit to that change. I do a flat rate. I open at 7 and originally stated that I close at 5:30 and I have people who show at 7 and come at 5:45 even though they told me they get off at 3 and 4:30 ... I also have others who ask me to open early on certain days for them and still show at 5:30.

I have changed my hours to 5:00pm and I give 5pm shifters enough time to pick up but it's helped people from abusing me a little.
Michael 11:18 AM 06-28-2012
More threads on Rate Change Notifications here:
Heidi 11:21 AM 06-28-2012 about a DAILY rate for up to 9 hours of care, and an additional amount for each additional hour they come?

Contract with each family....they need care from x am to x pm (limit 9 hours) for $_______. Additional hours of care per day are $__________ (if you get paid in advance, they could pay the extra with the following week's check).

This will mean you will get your minimum daily rate, but will hopefully prevent those who just "stop by the grocery store" while they leave the kids at dc longer. If it's important for them to do that (or get a haircut, or whatever), fine, but you should be paid extra.

It doesn't absolutely have to be 9 hours...whatever you think is fair based on your families NEEDS. You'll probably still end up working 10 hour days, but not fullhouse to fullhouse the whole day.
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