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DCMomOf3 11:51 AM 09-08-2010
How do you give notice of a rate change? I am changing my rates as of Jan 1 and don't know if I should put that in my newsletter or a separate notice. And how much notice do you give? I'm raising my rates $10/week and getting rid of staggered pricing. I only have one child on staggered now and have discussed the removal of staggered pricing with that DCM already.
Lucy 12:00 PM 09-08-2010
I would do a separate notice. I would print out the message and say something about why you are raising (cost of groceries & supplies going up, haven't had a raise in 5 years, taken more education, etc.). I would also thank them for understanding. At the end of the printed message, I would say "Your new rate is below: " - or - "Your new rate will be ________ ". That way it is individualized for each person. I don't like having them know that the girl who comes 8.5 hours a day is paying the same as the boy who comes 10.5 hours. This way they'll assume everyone pays different.

If your newsletter is monthly, I would put a reminder in each month until, and including, the month the raise becomes effective.
Pammie 12:37 PM 09-08-2010
I agree to give the rate change notice separate from your newsletter.

Any rate changes that I do always go into effect January 1. I give the notices out at the beginning of October - since so many families use a flex-spending plan through their employers for daycare expense - and have to commit their $ amounts for the upcoming year by end of October/beginning of November. It is quite the advance notice (3 months) but my families have always appreciated the notice and it lets them know that there won't be any additional rate increases for an entire year.

Good luck!
tenderhearts 01:11 PM 09-08-2010
I agree with the above posts, and I would let them know a couple months in advance too and put the reminder in the monthly newsletter.
tymaboy 01:55 PM 09-08-2010
I let my families know 2 months in advance. Some parents have the flexbend program which they need to budget for a few months ahead of the new yr.
legomom922 01:55 PM 09-08-2010
I do any changes when their annual anniversary comes up. I dont think it would be fair for me to take someone new on in Oct and raise them in Jan, so I would raise them next Oct. In your case, I would do seperate notices.
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