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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Ugh! Mondays!
wdmmom 04:13 PM 07-18-2011
Everyone's always crappy!

Crappy diapers, crappy attitudes, crappy sleepers, crappy eaters, etc.

You'd swear they all came in amped up on Mountain Dew and Pixie Sticks, they ate gobs and gobs of candy all weekend, they forgot what "real" food was and they forgot how easy it is to lay down, close your eyes and go to sleep!

Oh, that's right...they probably did forget all that in 2 days!
daycare 05:47 PM 07-18-2011
as much as I look forward to the weekends, I hate This is when all of our hard work goes down the

As some one once called it...motrin mondays...this is for the providers not the

Happy retraining day!! lol
sharlan 07:03 PM 07-18-2011
I usually try to go somewhere on Mondays.

Today we went to San Pedro and played in the water show fountains. Then we checked out the big fire boats, big thrill. We had lunch at Ports of Call, then a 45 min harbor cruise. It was so much nicer than sitting home with crabby kids.
GotKids 07:20 PM 07-18-2011
I sent my little infant home with roseola, 2 from another family developed a fever hours after being here, and the others came with a bad case of cabin fever from this heat wave. I love my kids but I must say when 6 o'clock came around I did smile!
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