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kayla 02:44 PM 02-17-2012
So to start off i have a parent that picked up dcb which i watch the 7 yr old sibling in the morning well dcd goes on to ask me if i gave other dcb his adhd medicine i said yeah he proceeds to tell me that dcb told him i didnt... ughhh so annoying why would i lie about giving your kid medicine... and if you think im not giving it to him maybe you should give him meds before you drop him off..

Then one of my other dck mom shows up 30 min after nap and as she is putting on his coat he says kayla i peed my pants, mind you he is 4. I said why didnt you tell kayla you peed your pants he says oh cuz l**** was in the potty, (which isnt why he didnt tell me but whatever) I said well you could have come upstairs to use the potty he says no you never let me potty up there. and normally i dont because he pees all over everything but i have never told him he cant pee up here, i said when someone is using the other potty you dont just pee your pants you come up stairs and then he goes on to repeat you never let me pee up there. i am soooo irritated so glad it is friday... wishing i would have closed on monday as well....
bunnyslippers 03:09 PM 02-17-2012
Sorry you had a bad day. Try and put it behind you and enjoy your Friday night!!!!! Cheers!
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