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mema 12:44 PM 09-14-2012

TGIF! Not sure what happened, but my usually happy, go lucky dcg has had a horrendous morning. Everything turned into a cry fit. Look at her=cry. Don't look at her=cry. Talk to her=cry. Don't talk to her=cry. Ask her a question=cry. Give her food=cry. Change her pants=cry. Wow! Hopefully nap will refresh that, altho dcb decided 30 minutes into nap, to wake up, stand on his cot, and scream. Wondering where that full moon is? Isn't scheduled til the end of the month, but I must have one hiding above my house or something
Blackcat31 02:57 PM 09-14-2012
Maybe it is a prelude to an illness.

I have one little guy who is always a charming loveable young man until right before he gets sick.

Then it is a full on cry-fest worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Now I will be checking back in with you to see if she did actually get sick in the next few days.
MrsSteinel'sHouse 04:18 PM 09-14-2012
I looked at one of my moms and said "watch her she was crabby today!" Because yes, that means that she may be getting sick.
That said this has been an extremely crabby week here.
daycarediva 04:25 PM 09-14-2012
You had my same day! Dcb woke up screaming on his cot after 30 minutes and was soooo miserable all day. He normally is a whiner, but full on screaming means sick or teeth. He also refused to brush his teeth, which he loves to do, I warned Dad already that those molars might be coming in.
mema 08:05 PM 09-14-2012
She's only been sick a handful of times and usually she is tired and clingy, not crabby. We shall see.
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