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Crazy8 11:37 AM 10-01-2012
What should it contain?? I don't want to use my full contract as that is really geared towards young f/t children.

Aside from days/hours/rates what should a b/a school contract contain??
familyschoolcare 11:55 AM 10-01-2012
CThe school aged things in mine are a enconvience fee if I am not called by 11:00 when I do not need to pick chil up.
A fee if the child is not at pick up spot with in 15 min of the bell ringing
A fee for dropping off to afterschool activities (subject to availability of day car time)
Children too sick to attend school are too sick to attend day care
I reserve the right to determine if a child is to sick to attend day care just because your child was not sent home from school sick does not automatically mean they are well enough for day care
I have the right to search any child's backpack/schoolbag
At any time for any reason
Cat Herder 12:03 PM 10-01-2012
It should cover what happens when school is canceled for weather, closures and "mildly ill" sick days where the parents want to bring them to you.

Also, equipment damages, cell phones, bullying, homework and items from home liability.

These were things many seemed to be caught off guard with, IMHO.
Crazy8 08:08 PM 10-01-2012
ok, think I have most of those things. These are just kindergarteners, so not older kids either.
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