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ljones77 09:55 AM 02-17-2013
I have a DCM who needs overnight care, she has two children what would you charge?
Little Star75 11:46 AM 02-17-2013
Well it depends what the rates are in your state/county. I live in California/Santa Clara county and the rates are pretty high. However if she's already your client I would give a little discount. I had that happened to me once, so I charged her an additional $40/per child. She pays a flat rate of $300/week for 2 children ages 2 and 4.

So it really depends on you, but you want to consider the length of time with you, age of child, how many hours, what time will they be picked up the next day, etc.

Hope that helps
juliebug 11:49 AM 02-17-2013
really depends on your area i am in nebraska and weekly rate around here is 125-150 a week. i charge $30 a night per child. I also am very pick who and when i give my free time up too.
Loveyoustinkyface 01:15 PM 02-17-2013
Is this a one-time event or on a regular basis?

If it's a one-time event I would charge $50.
Regular and consistent basis I would charge $30.

How old are they? Would you have them for dinner time? Bath? Do they sleep through the night? Breakfast & Lunch the following day?
LK5kids 03:12 AM 02-18-2013
I have not done this in a long time.
When I did the children were 2yrs. and up.
I charged my regular hourly rate.
charlesdutch 03:51 AM 02-18-2013
for night care $40
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