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legomom922 07:28 AM 07-06-2010

I have been doing daycare for 2 yrs, and have never had this come up before, but a client of mine needs overnight care from 430p tonight until 5pm tomorrow, for her 2 yr old. I used to watch her FT for about a 1 1/2 at the rate of 125 per wk. They divorced and had to go to another provider due to the towns they live in, so for the past 6 months I have been doing it on a "as needed" basis only at the rate of $3 an hr, or $20 for the "day", due to the friendship this cliebt has now turned out to be. So now I am stuck as to what I should charge her. I know I would normaly charge her the $20 for wed, but what should I charge for 430pm today until tomorrow am?? she goes to bed at 8.

Can you give me your thoughts?

booroo 04:45 PM 07-06-2010
So the child is in your care for 24 hours??????

That would be like 2 days worth of care!!! Plus 3 meals 3 snacks.... Plus night duties of a 2.5 year old, that may not sleep through the night for ya.... I would charge $40 to $45 for the care!!
Childminder 05:28 PM 07-06-2010
I charge $32 for a normal 9.5 hour shift day or night. So I would charge two shifts plus overtime at $4.00 per hour for a total of $90 for the 25.5 hours. Because she's a friend maybe just a double shift charge of $64. If they work afternoon shift they get shift premium usually.
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