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AnythingsPossible 08:10 PM 08-15-2010
Anyone willing to share what they charge for after school kids? I have never had kids that come after school, and currently charge part day and full day rates. I don't want to charge this family a part day rate for 1.5 hours of care. How do you handle this?
AfterSchoolMom 06:29 AM 08-16-2010
I charge $12 per day for after school, and $16 per day for before and after. That's the going rate in my area.
legomom922 09:26 AM 08-16-2010
$15 a day, and its the same price weather they come am, pm or both. They are chewing up a spot, so I have to be guarenteed so much $ per day. If they dont want am, and dont want to pay the fee, I dont take them.
MommyMuffin 10:35 AM 08-16-2010
what about school breaks or weather closures, do you charge them more?
Jewels 11:08 AM 08-16-2010
I charge $50/week for before and after school care, Thats the norm for my least on my street and we have 7 daycares, And if its a non-school day I charge $27/per day.....if its a whole week, Its $135 for the week.
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