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jokalima 10:10 PM 12-06-2013
Have a family that wants to do 2:30 pm to midnight 3 days a week. I've never done late shifts before and not super thrilled about it but I really need the income. What would you charge for a shift like this? Regular part time rate or a bit higher?
Michael 10:32 PM 12-06-2013
You'll find some threads with after hours rates here:
Unregistered 08:52 AM 12-07-2013
I do 2nd and 3rd shift and normally charge the same as a daytime shift especially because the child will be sleeping a good chunk of the time but I would probably not be willing to do a midnight pickup. That means you will have to be up and awake at that time and if the parent is late or something you are wasting your time in the middle of the night.

I may charge like 1.5 times what I normally charge and tell them they would have to pick up at 6AM for example, when I get up normally as long as this is a child that sleeps through the night.
Cradle2crayons 08:55 AM 12-07-2013
That's the shift I work and I charge the same as if it's day shift. Mainly because they are in bed at 830 with my kids
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