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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Who Adds Additional Charge If Over 10 Hours?
Unregistered 02:45 PM 11-02-2018
We are considering making this change. We have several children here 11.5 hours out of the 12 we are open. Any thoughts?
Blackcat31 02:50 PM 11-02-2018
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
We are considering making this change. We have several children here 11.5 hours out of the 12 we are open. Any thoughts?
I charge based on pick up time. The later you pick up the higher your weekly rate is. I am only open for 9.5 hours but weekly rates begin rising at the 8 hour mark and go up from there.
Unregistered 03:44 PM 11-02-2018
I don't do that, but wish I would have.
I have a child who is usually here 10 hours, but pays the same flat daily rate as a child who is here for a shorter time. More work for me, but no extra money.
MarinaVanessa 04:44 PM 11-02-2018
I do that. I don't have set business hours so everyone has contracted schedules and they can either have PT or FT. I define FT as 4 or 5 days a week, maximum of 10 hours per day and a maximum of 50 hours per week at my set rate. If they want/need more hours than that I charge them double for every half an hour more per day they need.

For example:
FT 10 hours per day, 50 hours a week = $200/wk
(breaks down to $4/hr)
Family A needs an extra 1.5 hours every day...
$4/hr for each additional 30 minutes $4 x 3= $12
$12 x 5 days a week = $60 extra each week
$60+$200 = $260/week.

I don't like having kids longer than 10 hours per day so I charge a premium for more hours to deter families from extending it past that or at least to make it worth my while if they need more than 10 hours per day.
If you don't mind more than 10 hours but want to be compensated you can just charge them for the extra time based on your normal rate broken down hourly.
For me that would be 1.5/hours x 5 days/wk = 7.5 hours
7.5/hrs x $4 = $30 + $200 = $230/wk they woud pay.
ardeur 01:58 PM 11-03-2018
I have a family of nurses who work 12 hour shifts + 1 hour lunch + 50 minute rt commute to my home. That's a 14 hour day for me, but only 3 days a week. 42 hours of care in 3 days' time.

I'm normally only open 10 hours a day. I discount my rates to $4/hr for families who sign up for the FT 50-hour week with me. It's $4.50/hr otherwise.

So I'm torn on what to charge this family because it's a LOT of hours per day but it's not the full 50 hours. Do I charge them $4/hr (=$167/wk)? $4.50/hr (=$189/wk)? The entire FT 50hr/wk rate ($200/wk)?
Newprovider16 12:20 PM 01-03-2019
This is why I have hourly, half day, daily and weekly rates.

$15/ one hour
$20-26 half day( 4 hrs 59 min)
$30-38 full day (5-10 hrs)

For a client needing 14 hrs for an infant under 2 it would be $38+$26=$643=$192/week (rates vary by age)

I do what another poster said and contract specific times with each family.
Newprovider16 12:32 PM 01-03-2019
I just posted regarding having incremental rates for times like these.

I just wanted to add that for this family, if they could see a breakdown of how they are being charged extra for over 10 hours, it will make more sense, and they can save money by having family pick up earlier if that's an option....they will do this on their own. If it's just a weekly charge, they will either feel ripped off, or bring the kids even MORE to get their money's worth.

Also look at it from your perspective. If you had a job would you want over time pay to be based on daily hours or weekly? (Daily of course !!!
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