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nikia 11:15 AM 01-13-2011
So today just sucks for the most part. I lose my first child ever and now my dog is sick.
My dog was given to me after my grandpa died. It was his dog and my grandma wanted me to have his dog. My grandpa died 10 years ago in 4 days. His dog my dog is now 12 and has been throwing up not stop today and now is shaking non stop. I don't know if its time to put him down. The vet can't see him for 3 more hours. I love this dog and it is breaking my heart. Also he is always around the daycare kids and how do I explain it to them if the vet and I decide its time to let him go? All around I'm sad and this sucks.
MyAngels 11:21 AM 01-13-2011
This is so sad, and difficult. My beautiful, sweet, 11 y/o dog had to be put down earlier this year (had had cancer). We just told all of the kids (who had known him all their lives), that he was very sick and went to heaven to live. Sometimes they still ask about him. Hopefully your vet will pinpoint something that's treatable, and it won't come to having to make that decision. (((Hugs)))
MG&Lsmom 11:27 AM 01-13-2011
(((HUGS))) I hope there's something they can do for your poor furbaby. If there is nothing to be done and you're ready to talk to the kids about it I have a book recommendation. Let me know if/when you feel you need it. More (((HUGS)))
javamama 11:31 AM 01-13-2011
Sorry you are having a bad day. It's so hard when pets are sick. Hopefully your dog gets better but if not at least you'll know he is back with your grandpa ((hugs))
Zoe 03:28 PM 01-13-2011
I am SO sorry that you are going through that! Dogs are just as much a part of my family as my own children and it's a heartbreaking situation to go through. I don't have any advice on how to tell the children should something happen, but I wanted to send you good thoughts! Praying for you and the dear dog!
laundrymom 07:14 PM 01-13-2011
I am so sorry,... I truly believe dogs, cats, rats and pets in general are far more than an animal. They are family. I'm a dog person and cried when I read your post. I send love and hope you're sweet dog is better soon.
nikia 04:28 AM 01-20-2011
Thank you for the kind words. My dog is still here. The vet gave him some meds for vomiting so that did help him. She couldn't find anything wrong with him and the only thing we could come up with is that he got into something. So far so good with him but I know the day will come and my pets are family so I know it will be hard. This dog and my 6 year old are very close she laid by him from the time she got home from school to the time we took him up to bed with her the day he was so sick. I really thought we were going to lose him even after the meds because he didn't move and was still shaking. She wouldn't leave his side and begged me to let her stay home from school the next day just in case he got sick again I had to promise her I would come and get her if he needed her. So I'm so glad he made it through this
momma2girls 06:18 AM 01-20-2011
I am so glad everything is OK
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