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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Ahhh.....Relief!!!
spud912 01:17 PM 04-14-2011
I have a new dck who started this past week so my current dck has to adjust to sharing a bedroom for nap time. After several days of constantly telling my dc kids to be quiet at nap time while they play around for 30-45 minutes, I think I finally found my trick to keep them quiet! I kissed them and told each child quietly (as if they are my personal little helper) that if the other one starts talking to tell them "shhhh." Considering they are both bossy, it seems to be working like a charm . I've never been so proud of myself! I just hope it lasts and works again tomorrow!
Zoe 09:01 AM 04-15-2011
I've been worried about that too. I have a 2 year old in a room by herself and I wonder how she'll adjust when she has a "nap-mate". I think I'll try that!

Good for you!
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