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brittburk 07:09 PM 03-05-2013
I have been noticing a number of strange behaviors in a 3 year old I have been watching (my nephew). I have a lot of experience with watching kiddos and I've never quite had one like him.

I am really wondering if he has something going on mentally/behavior-wise or if he's just a offbeat kiddo. He suffered 2nd and 3rd burns to his hands and arms when he fell into a bonfire over the summer. He has since recovered from this, but the experience may have played a factor into some of his current habits. I did notice some of the behavior prior to the bonfire event though.

Some of the behaviors:
-When is is very worked up, be it excited or upset/frustrated he will aggressively move his hands and fingers in a crazy way, and flap/flail his arms. He will do this just by himself or to other kids. He usually does this on other kids when he is frustrated with them and I've told him he cannot take a toy away from others. Or when he is really worked up while playing he'll aggressively...finger? I don't know how to put it, he taps/grabs their hands with his fingers really quickly while moving his hands around all over the other kid's hands and arms and not let go to the point it bothers the other kids and I have to tell him to keep his hands to himself.
-He has a really tough time focusing on anything and can hardly follow simple directions.
-We go to a music class geared towards 2-3 year olds. The kids get to play simple instruments along to kiddo songs and follow simple instructions from the teacher. There are bits and pieces (like pretending to ride a pony) that he will do but otherwise he will totally zone out and not respond or only do the very basic instruction (like when they use egg shakers along to a song he will only halfway shake them but can't seem to follow directions like shake behind your back, by your toes, shake quietly, etc.) He is over 3 1/2 and I assumed that this would be relatively easy for him to participate in (obviously some parts will be difficult but it seems like all of it is tough for him to do?) and my 1 year old participates more willingly than he does. :\
-He is almost hyperactive, like will lay on the couch and violently kick his feet for 30 seconds to a minute straight. He gets really aggressive with my daughter and another little girl I watch sometimes. I know he is a boy and a kiddo, but sometimes he is just craaaaazy.

I'm not sure if he is overwhelmed in the class or what? Or if he is too sugared up (he has a bad diet) to really focus or settle down? Do these things sound like symptoms? Any suggestions on how to help him out?
Angelsj 07:22 PM 03-05-2013
I would push for a complete neurological and physical workup for him. I have some guesses, but the parents really need to get him tested. This sounds like spectrum/ sensory behavior, and bad diet can contribute to it, but diet alone will not likely fix it.
cheerfuldom 08:16 PM 03-05-2013
my initial thought is sensory as well. my daughter is having some of the same issues.

we also do a music class in which she has a hard time participating appropriately. she struggles with social situations and either acts completely crazy (spazzing out and getting loud or aggressive) or she shuts down....both coping strategies when she doesnt know what to do.

sensory processing could even account for the fire situation. these kids have a very high tolerance for pain. they wont immediately react to something that is too hot or too cold, too high, too fast. they actually seek out a higher level of sensory input in an effort to get sensory needs satisfied. my daughter likes to swing, jump the trampoline, run like crazy till she literally falls over, roll around or over people, hug too tightly, etc.

she has social issues because of this. she is too much for kids her age to handle well and needs a lot of supervision.

look into free evaluations that mom can do. early intervention is important!
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