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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Re-Enrollment??? Who Makes Their Families Re-Enoll?
frugalmama4 04:07 PM 08-06-2013
Hello all,

Do any of you require your families to re-enroll in your daycare/program. I'm talking holding an interview all over again?? If so, what do you discuss (services/behavior?)

Thanks for any feed back.
Blackcat31 04:17 PM 08-06-2013
I don't require "re-enrollment" and/or interviewing again, but I do require ALL forms to be filled out again (NOT just updated) but actually filled out again in September of each year.

I also require up dates to contact info, phone # and/or address changes etc within 48 hours of the change.

Interviewing again for re-enrollment, is an interesting concept..... not sure everyone I currently have would be enrolled again if I did that....
frugalmama4 04:29 PM 08-06-2013
Yea, my thoughts also I'm thinking if I did "re-interview" I would be opening Pandora's box...

Bringing up things that I'm not going change anywho...why discuss it...right?

I ask because another provider "friend" mention she does it twice a year...I love her dearly but sometime I think she takes things over board IMOP.

Thx Blackcat
Crazy8 04:44 PM 08-06-2013
I wouldn't re-interview but I do think I want to do what blackcat does and have new forms completed each year.
jenn 06:49 PM 08-06-2013
If I re interviewed some of mine, knowing what I now know about them, I might not take some of them back!
Like Blackcat, I have everyone fill out completely new paperwork every year and sign a new (and updated as necessary) contract.
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