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mac60 04:18 AM 07-07-2009
Just wondering, at what age do you start your preschool program? I have a small home daycare. I do a pretty inclusive preschool program at no extra cost to the parents. With 10 years experience, I have found that once a child has hit age 3 to 3 1/2, the whole preschool thing goes so much better.

We do a lot of hands on activities, using printables, making collages, themes, etc. We also sing songs, use flash cards, posters, etc. I have found in the past, that to give a 2 yr old a alphabet printable, they just scribble on it and they are done. I think this year I will limit what I give to those under 3 due to the cost of my supplies. There will still be a lot of activities a 2 1/2 to 3 yr old can do here, just maybe not things they will be taking home.

Just wondering what others do.

As far as making copies, I used to be able to have them made for 5 cents each, now the cost is 10 cents each.

How many of you providers charge a "fee" for preschool on top of your regular daycare fee. Do you ask parents to bring in supplies.....such as crayons, glue, construction paper, etc?
seashell 05:55 AM 07-07-2009
I also have a preschool program with my daycare. I do not charge an extra fee for the class. As far as printing costs, you might look into a printer with a copier function. It can save you money in the long run. Also, try craigslist for a cheap one or register for Freecycle and just watch for a free one to pop up.
Unregistered 08:42 AM 07-07-2009
I am putting together a preschool program for this upcoming school year for my small home daycare. I too find it hard to decide how to incorporate the smaller children (Under 3) into the plans. So far, I put together a calendar with themes for each week. I will try to have one art project and other hands on activities to go with the theme that all the children (2 AND UP) can do. Some of the activities (alphabet etc...will be for just the older ones). I do not charge an extra fee for the preschool activities, but I know some who do. Usually this is when they purchase monthly curriculum kits from companies though. I just got a printer that has a copy feature.It saves a lot of time and money. We only paid $69 on sale for it at Best Buy this past year. It has been well worth it. I supply all the art/craft supplies. The new school year is coming up and you can get stuff really cheap.
mac60 05:19 AM 07-09-2009
That is what I think I am changing to, Age 3 before I start them with my actual preschool program. I do realize that 2 1/2 yr olds can participate in some activities, but some are just not age appropriate. I guess I hate it when I give a child a printed alphabet page and they put a couple scribbles on it and are then done. I do involve them in other preschool activities. This year I will have a 3 yr old, a 4 yr old and 2 that were 2 in March. It makes it hard when we have all ages and we try to accommodate to all. I guess the parents should just be grateful that we providers take that BIG extra step and do this. Some people are simply babysitters......I consider myself a Professional in Childcare. I go above and beyond what many parents actually pay for in childcare services.
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