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Cat Herder 04:52 AM 02-11-2011
Has anyone read this book???? It is by Elizabeth Rose.

I just ordered it yesterday and am looking forward to it...

Please tell me what you thought if you did...

Are there any others that you would recommend?? Maybe 1960-NOW

The changing climate of daycare is fascinating. The parenting differences I have seen in just the past 20 years is chilling, so I am really interested in others perspective of the subject..

I did enjoy Children First by Penelope Leach as well.. (sp? the top of my head, the bookshelf is in my room on the other side of the house )
Blackcat31 07:24 AM 02-11-2011
We had to cover these books in one of my early childhood classes. I haven't read them but they were on the list of books to choose from to do our final project. I went with a different project all together but thought you might like to look at the book list:

*Yesterday's Children; The Antiques and History of Childcare by Sally Keville-Davies

*Constructing the Child (A History of Canadian Day Care) by Donna Varga

*The Tragedy of Child Care in America by Professor Edward Zigler/Katherine Marsland/Heather Lord

*Champions for Children; The Contribution of Modern Child Care Pioneers by Bob Holman

*Science and Patterns of Child Care by Elizabeth Lomax

*Dream Babies; Three Centuries of Good Advice for Child Care
Dream Babies; From Locke to Spock both by Christina Hardyment

*Celebrating the HIstory of Child Care: The LEgacy of Those who Have Gone Before

*Group Child Care as A Family Serivce by Alan Keith Lucas

*Who's Minding the Children; The History and Politics of Daycare in America by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels

*Citizen, Mother, Worker: Debating Public Responsibility for Child Care after the Second World War (Gender and American Culture) by Emilie Stoltzfus
Cat Herder 10:06 AM 02-11-2011
I love that list!!! Thank you, Blackcat

Now, would you (or anyone ), by any chance, know of any studies on the escalating patterns of known behaviors in childcare providers under extreme/chronic stress?

My main interest would be in relation to their becoming desensitised to children's needs or worse leading up to "rationalised" abuses?

Maybe even detailed case studies??

I have not been very successful in finding actual, searchable, and substantiated information.
Blackcat31 10:54 AM 02-11-2011
I am not sure if this is what you mean but I did have this bookmarked for an assignment in a pyschology class for a research paper I did on abuse in child cares.

Coleman, Mick; Rowland, Bobbie H.; Tyner, Lynda. "Child abuse and child care: A descriptive study of center policies and caregiver experiences" Early Child Development and Care 47.1 (1989). 11 Feb. 2011
< >

Smith, Mark. "Historical abuse in residential child care: An alternative view" Practice: Social Work in Action 20.1 (2008). 11 Feb. 2011
< >

Most of the information I used for the paper came from scholarly journals I found using this search page;

Hopefully, you will have luck there....
Cat Herder 11:19 AM 02-11-2011
Thank you!! I will go though them this afternoon, it is such beautiful weather we are going out to enjoy it again...
Cat Herder 05:05 PM 02-21-2011
I tried to read those articles but they cost $35 to download... I will have to wait until another payday....

My book was less... (although the print is so small it is painful to read more than a couple pages at a time....)
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