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morgan24 03:51 AM 07-17-2012
How long is breast milk good? I have to put the name, date and time on the bottles of the baby that I have. Yesterday she had a bottle in her bag that I dated last Thursday. I didn't use it because I wasn't sure if it was still good or not.
lil angels 04:51 AM 07-17-2012
I think you have to use within two days if in the fridge. At room temp one day. Or frozen six months.
daycare123 05:55 AM 07-17-2012
i would ask her if it was the same milk. I never use milk after the first day. It gets sent home and the parents feed it to the baby that evening. Last thursday seems like way to long to still be good. Does it smell bad? Is it possible the label was not taken off?
morgan24 06:05 AM 07-17-2012
Thanks, They usually take the labels off the bottles everyday and it was the only one with a label on it. It's not in there today but I will ask her how long it's good for.
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