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Unregistered 02:40 PM 06-07-2015
how much should a breastfed baby that is 8 months old be drinking? baby only gets 3oz 3 times a day at daycare. baby is big for his age sometimes I have to combine two bags of breast milk to fill him up.
nannyde 04:02 PM 06-07-2015
About sixish every three to four hours.

Is he nipple attached all night long at home? If he is eating all night long it will be less on the morning feed.
Indoorvoice 04:35 PM 06-07-2015
The 3 month old I have here gets at least 4 oz every 3 hours.. Sometimes more.
BumbleBee 04:41 PM 06-07-2015
At 8 months old all of my other breastfed babies were getting 6ish oz every 3-4 hours. Sometimes they would take less (4 oz), sometimes they would take more (8 oz). And sometimes they would be hungry 2 hours later and other times they would go 5 hours. Just depended from day to day and feed to feed.

Is the baby acting hungry after a feeding? Is he 'making it' to the next feeding ok? Like NannyD said, if the baby is latched on all night he may need less during the morning or even throughout the day.

The 2.5 month old I have now eats anywhere from 2 oz to 6 oz at a feeding and eats every 2-5 hours. Most often he goes just under 4 hours between feeds and takes between 4 and 5 oz at a time but how often depends on how much he had at the previous feed. He's not a constant snacker so right now we're just following his lead since it's a relatively consistent schedule he's got himself on.
Margarete 08:23 PM 06-07-2015
At 8 months old, in addition to how much milk he is getting at home, how much other food he is eating is going to really impact how much milk he needs also.

According to the food program guidelines if he is eating breakfast at home, 10-16 oz of milk a day should be offered to an 8-11 month old for lunch and 2 snacks. It's actually less milk then the 4-7 month old group as at 8 months they are starting to eat more food.

On my cheat sheet it also says less can be offered if they regularly consume less, with more offered if they are still hungry.
Margarete 08:41 PM 06-07-2015

Are you on the food program? Even if you are not it's good to be able to reference their guidelines. How long of a day is baby at childcare, and are they eating other food while there?
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