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Unregistered 09:03 PM 11-22-2015
I am looking to open a daycare here in NC. I know all the rules and regulations. The biggest problem is luck on finding a private owner that will allow me to rent out the home for under 900.00 monthly and hopefully take two months up front for rent. My budget is 6,000 for advertising (rent start off), supplies etc... Is this possible? All advise is welcome thanks in advance!
Thriftylady 06:14 AM 11-23-2015
It is hard to say, because there are so many factors involved. Sometimes you have a great house and it doesn't need much to meet regulation. Sometimes you need to buy and install a lot of safety devices. Then there is supplies and materials. If you have children of your own you may have some of that stuff on hand already. IF not are you looking to buy new or used? I wish I could give you a better answer but it really just depends.
Michael 02:26 PM 11-23-2015
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