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Unregistered 10:43 AM 03-02-2021
How much breast milk do you require the mom to bring per day?

She currently only brings one 5 ounce bottle for the whole day. Baby is 3 months and eats every hour and sleeps very little.

I only have three frozen bags of milk in the freezer. Had to take one out for this afternoon.
Cat Herder 10:54 AM 03-02-2021
Copy and pasted from the meal count requirements.

Birth through 5 months: 4-6 fluid ounces breastmilk or formula every 2 to 3 hours.

6 through 11 months

6-8 fluid ounces breastmilk or formula;


0-4 tablespoons infant cereal, meat, fish, poultry, whole egg, cooked dry beans or cooked dry peas; OR 0-2 ounces cheese; OR 0-4 ounces (volume) cottage cheese; OR 0-4 ounces or 1/2 cup yogurt; OR a combination of the above;


0-2 tablespoons vegetable or fruit or a combination of both
coloradoprovider 12:39 PM 03-02-2021
I too am on the food program. I require at least 3 bottles of the amount the child normally finishes at each feeding plus about an ounce in each bottle. I also need at least a day's worth of frozen for accidents (rare - knock over bottle, cap screwed on wrong, etc. - doesn't happen much, but has happened!) I wouldn't accept the infant without an adequate supply of milk (unless it's agreed to supplement with formula). I communicated daily with parent as to how much child is eating and if we need to increase the amount of milk per bottle.
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