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Daycare Insurance>Items on Multiple Forms?
marniewon 10:13 PM 02-07-2011
I'm noticing that certain items are located on multiple forms, like Insurance, Repairs and Maintenance, Utilities, etc are located on both form 8829 and Schedule C. Do I put these items on both forms?

As for gross income, should I include my food program income on Schedule C, Line 1, or is there another place to put this? Nevermind, figured this one out.

I still really need help with the first question. I'm starting to figure it all out (and that's no small feat when I have a screaming baby 10 feet away!!), but this one stumps me.
TomCopeland 04:04 PM 02-08-2011
Yes, it can be confusing to know where to put expenses - Schedule C or Form 8829. In general, put expenses relating to the house on Form 8829 and put everything else on Schedule C. House insurance goes on Form 8829, business liability insurance goes on Schedule C. House repairs go on Form 8829. Repairs of furniture and toys go on Schedule C. Utilities go on Form 8829.

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