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Daycare and Taxes>How To Claim Tax Prep Costs?
Unregistered 07:54 AM 03-28-2011
I just paid $400 to have my taxes done.
Just wondering how to claim this business or personal and at what percent each. Technically it is both but how do I know how much of that 400 went to personal and how much to business?
Lilbutterflie 09:30 AM 03-28-2011
I hope Tom Copeland chimes in, but you can ask for an invoice that breaks down the charges, and you would just deduct all the charges related to the forms needed to file for your business. That's how I believe it goes.
TomCopeland 03:55 PM 03-28-2011
Lilbutterflie is correct. You can deduct on Schedule C the cost of tax preparation fees to do you business tax forms (Schedule C, Form 8829, Form 4562, Form 1040SE). You can only deduct the fees to do your personal forms as a misc. itemized deduction on Schedule A.
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