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Nickel 10:22 AM 09-11-2012
I know I saw it on here before and I did try to search. But who uses a phone/computer ap as their infant log? Something like a nanny ap? If you use something what is it, how much does it cose, and what do you like it?

Quick responses appreciated. I sort of already have the infant today lol. Nothing like procrastination!
Nickel 11:43 AM 09-11-2012
Do any of you all use baby connect ap? I tried it on the web. It's not too bad, but it's pretty basic
MommieNana4 08:18 PM 09-11-2012
I have used Baby Connect and really liked it. Last week was my last week using it as I have 3 small kids in care and it can get time consuming.

All the best!
DaisyMamma 04:39 AM 09-12-2012
I use baby connect after someone on here recommend it. It's great!
mom2many 08:02 AM 09-12-2012
I use Daycare Tracker Pro and love it! So easy on my ipad and the parents love getting their daily info via email at the end of the day.
Nickel 11:57 AM 09-12-2012
I did the 3 day free trial of baby connect. So far I really like the phone ap for my android. The website is okay, but I love that it syncs automatically. And I just add the dcm's under each child and they have access. No more wasting ink or paper! There is a $5 charge but I told dcm that I would give her $5 off her tuition if she decides to use the program. So far 1 has 1 hasn't and I have 1 more to ask. I like that it can be used on android, iphone, pc, tablets, etc.

Thank you all for the advice!
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