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Sunchimes 02:35 PM 12-18-2013
When I texted mom mid-day yesterday to find out what the doctor's said about dcb, she said type b flu. She called last night to say that dad took him to the doctor and she had misunderstood what he said. Apparently, doc told dad that he and older kid had the flu (based only on his description of symptoms 10 days later), but baby was just teething. sigh She said that sometimes, when teething, a baby's immune system is weakened and they can pick up minor bugs. They gave him a prescription for antibiotics but said not to give it to him unless he gets worse. ?????? I've never heard of teething causing a weakened immune system, but I'm not a doctor.

Mom said he hadn't had a bit of fever and felt fine, playing and happy. But, she was keeping him home today because he was such a grouch. Now that I think about it, she told me on Monday that she had given him Tylenol before he came over here because he was so fussy.

Maybe that's all it is, but I'm smelling one of those contagious teething "viruses". Hope I'm wrong!
Blackcat31 02:39 PM 12-18-2013
I would require the doctor to provide a written diagnosis. I would NOT take mom's word.

My illness policy includes the flu. If ANY of an enrolled child's family members get the flu, NO ONE from that family can attend daycare.

TOO risky for me.

This pertains to the flu only. Not other common illness.

FWIW~ They don't give antibiotics unless there is some sort of infection. Antibiotics do not help viruses.
Sunchimes 06:21 PM 12-18-2013
" They don't give antibiotics unless there is some sort of infection. Antibiotics do not help viruses. "

I know. That's why I'm skeptical. We've all been exposed now, but if he's not 100% in the morning, he's leaving.

She also failed to show up to pay me today...again, 3rd week late in a row. sigh She will probably have in in the morning and thought I wouldn't expect it since he wasn't here on pay day.
Soccermom 06:31 PM 12-18-2013
I can't stand wishy washy DCPS. It makes me feel like they are hiding something from me.

DCD and DCM seem to have a serious communication problem, I mean really the Flu is serious for an infant. That seems like a pretty big misunderstanding to me.
MotherNature 07:34 PM 12-18-2013
They haven't paid you in 3weeks & they're pulling this crap? No, no no. I'd be furious! Hope they pay you.
Sunchimes 08:32 PM 12-18-2013
Oh no, that was poorly worded. They've paid every week, just late every single week. It's been a constant problem.
Unregistered 06:21 AM 12-19-2013
Teething DOES weaken a child's immune system. Anything that stresses the body will weaken the body's defences. Just like of you aren't eating right or getting enough sleep, you are more susceptible to illness. DS used to get horribly I'll when teething. He'd catch an illness with every. single. tooth. He missed a lot of daycare. Influenza is a virus btw so if the doc was sure it was that, he wouldn't have given antibiotics. Sounds like the doctor isn't sure of a diagnosis and neither are the parents. Good that he is staying home though. Hope you don catch anything
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