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Daycare and Taxes>Question About Online Payments Via MMK
DancingQueen 03:52 AM 11-04-2010
I've been using online invoice payment with my parents for a while now.

but I've been given a new challenge.

I have a mom that is getting state assistance. So let's just say that my fee is 280 per week (2kids) - State pays monthly. she pays the remaining portion (up front) that state doesn't cover. Her portion averages about $40.00 per week out of the 280.

So I set her up online and created her invoices for 280 - she pays the 40.
My thought was that when the state check came in I could just now apply it towards the accumulative balance that we're going to have after a month's worth of $40.00 payments.
But how can I do that? MMK doesn't show the online invoice balances in my "unpaid invoices"
How/where do I apply that state payment?

the reason I did things this way is since the state pays montly and she pays weekly it isn't always an exact amount that she is responsible for every week - if I could keep a clear record of what she owed, what she paid and what state paid I'd know if she over or under paid.

but now it seems to be backfiring on me.

How do others handle this? How should *I* handles this.
Tags:mmk, money management
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