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sahm1225 04:37 PM 05-15-2011
Does anyone have a contract for their assistant? Do you do reviews daily, monthly, weekly, etc?

I have a basic daily, weekly, and monthly checklist, but I dont have a job review form for the assistant. Do you give raises? If yes, how often?

I would love if someone can PM it to me.
Michael 06:03 PM 05-15-2011

A General Layout for a Daycare Assistant Contract

- Your contact information (name, address, telephone, email)

- Client contact information (company name, contact person, address, telephone, email)

- Effective date and length of contract

- Description of services (be as detailed as necessary)

- Payment terms (include per project or hourly rate, reimbursable expenses, surcharges for late payment and/or rush requests)

- Term and termination

- Relationship of parties

- Confidentiality

- Signature lines for you and client to execute contract

Assistant Contract (rough draft)

Contract for Services
This is a contract for assisting services between "name" Assistant and "name" Daycare, for the date _________, from 6am until 6pm. All services, other obligations to daycare shall conclude by this time.
Assistant agrees to arrive at:
___ Daycare/Home:_______________________________
___ Location: _________________________________________
___ Other: _________________________________________________
Assistant obligations will end at:
___ Daycare/Home:_______________________________
___ Location: _________________________________________
___ Other: _________________________________________________
Attire for the assignment is: ___ Working clothes ___ Casual ___ Business ___ Other
Assistant will provide _________________, and the following additional services (i.e.):
The fee for the above services is: $$, due and payable at:
___ The conclusion of the assignment.

Assistant’s time is not secured until this signed Contract is returned via Fax to Assistant, and Assistant reserves the right to book the time outlined on this estimate prior to Daycare’s commitment to the time period.

Print Name Signature Date
Print Name Signature Date

Reply 12:22 PM 05-16-2011
I have a home daycare and I have an assistant, I'm planning to go on vacation ( 4 days), and I wanted to write a letter to parents informing them that my assitant will be taking care of the kids during my absence.
Does anyone know what should I write in the letter to make the parents comfortable. Please let me know, thank you
Michael 01:28 PM 05-16-2011
Welcome to the forum. FYI, suggest you use something other then your email address as your username. Let me know if you want me to change it.
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