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bamzmama 07:20 PM 07-03-2011
Hello Everyone!

I'm new here, obviously, and would like to say "hello"! I will be opening my home daycare this fall. I am a certified Special Education teacher and taught at a public school over 12 years ago. I resigned from my position when my first child was 2 yrs. so that I could stay at home and raise him....and the next four that came along! I have cared for children in my home all along. I was licensed back when my first child was 2 and ran the home daycare with the food program and preschool for 6 children. When my next child came along, I took in less DC children. I did not renew my license since I was only watching 2-3 children, which I can do unliscensed in my state. Now that four of my children are school age, I would like to get back into licensed care full time.

Michael 07:22 PM 07-03-2011
Welcome to the Forum. I upgraded your status.
cyerob 03:39 AM 07-04-2011

Howdy!! Welcome to Daycare forums. Enjoy!!
rbmom 04:35 AM 07-05-2011
Hello and welcome to the forum! My name is Laura too!
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