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Baan Dek Lek 10:07 AM 06-02-2012
Hi, I"m new here. I have been crazy dreaming about having my own home day care since I plan to have my first child next year. I now work in a daycare and you know we won't make good money here. I've thought very hard who should take care of my baby. If I have to send my child to the daycare, how much I will make back home after paying for the care. We don't have family that live close by to help. That's why I have thought about having a daycare at home.
Before I will drive myself too crazy about this dream, I should check out about if it is possible to have family daycare at my home. I live in rowhome/townhome community with HOA (Home owner associate). Where can I check with if I can have this business at my house?
Michael 10:55 AM 06-02-2012
Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of great information here that will help you if you decide to have your home daycare. For starters you can read your state's guidelines:

You should also check your city's planning and zoning website to see how your area is zoned but I believe you should read your HOA guidelines first.
Baan Dek Lek 04:16 PM 06-05-2012
My HOA manager said that in their rules all parts of my home are for residential purposes but also said that there isn't a specific rule saying no operating business/daycare but it is left vague on purpose so the board can interpret it how they see fit. She said I could send her email (in writing) so she could discuss and ask the board. I just will not bring to their attentions and just do it. DO you have any suggestion? Do anyone have the same experience?
I checked with the township and zoning has no problem with running this business from home. ALso there is a playground in my community with can cover the 2,000 sf play area for the kids.
Michael 05:53 PM 06-05-2012
I live in a gated community in California. You are offing a community service. IN my opinion, I do not believe they can prevent you from having a daycare since it does not specifically mention it in your contract. I am sure many communities with HOA have daycare services. Maybe someone else in the forum has some suggestions.
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