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justgettingstarted 07:05 PM 12-07-2012
I termed a child today, giving them a full months notice. I'm scaling back in preparation for my own new baby, not at all an issue with the family. This is the first child that DS has really bonded with and will miss greatly. I'm sad that they won't be able to play everyday. I'm hoping that they can have occasional play dates and that they will still come to his birthday party in a few weeks. That being said, they are only not quite 3 and will probably get over it quickly, right? DS has a great memory though and still asks about a little guy who left 9 months ago. What have you told your own kids when their DC friends have left and how did they react? Have any of you kept in touch and done play dates on the weekends?
Mom&Provider 05:41 PM 12-09-2012
I haven't had to term, but did have one family relocate and left care. My son was a good friend to DCB, since at the time he was the only other male in the daycare, but there was about 2.5 years between them. Obviously my situation was different and perhaps easier since the boy was moving, so that was the explanation given to my own kids. My son still asks about DCB and he left 6 months ago! I just confirm again, that yes DCB moved and he is home with his Mom while she is on mat leave and then might go into another daycare or maybe Mom will stay home - Mom didn't know if she was planning to stay home after her 2nd child was born.

As for keeping in touch, we don't. They only moved 30 mins away, but I think it's easier on everyone that we don't get together for play dates either. I can see how my children and other DCK's would wonder why we do play dates, but not come here regularly?!

I guess it really depends on what kind of relationship you want with this family? You'll also have to consider how the family feels about being let go...they might want to cut ties and move on, so it's hard to say!
Crazy8 06:35 AM 12-10-2012
the kids do get over it quickly. My DS is now 9 and practically grew up with a few boys that I had who were the same age as him. They were like the 3 amigos for 3 years!! But aside from kind of remembering them thru pics and their names he has no bond to them now. They both still live in town and occasionally we see them but he really doesn't even remember how good of friends they were as daycare kids.
nanglgrl 07:14 AM 12-10-2012
I had one little boy from age 9 months to 4 years, he is the same age as my daughter and they grew up together and were best friends. He left this year because dad (single father) didn't need daycare but has come over a couple of times to play. I love this little guy like my own and did wish he could visit more as both my daughter and I missed him. Well dad just informed me they are moving 2 hours away. I guess I'm glad he didn't visit more because it brought me to tears the first time he left. My daughter has an incredible memory but as she has met new friends she has slowly stopped asking about him. Now, like most of my previous daycare kids, I will watch him grow up online. I can hope he will come visit someday, it's not impossible, this summer a previous daycare child (10 years old) who moved to Texas is going to come stay with me for a couple of days when her mom comes to Iowa to visit her family.
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