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Unregistered 12:51 PM 06-29-2010
i was just wonder if you guys close whenever you or your own own children are sick? Have you ever had to call parents to pick up their kids when you or your child have got sick?
tymaboy 02:31 PM 06-29-2010
I had to call & have kids picked up last fall. I got sick & it hit right away. Something had been going around cuz it ended up hitting all of the DC families. A couple months before that I closed when my DS got sick, the DCKs were passing something around for a few months before he got & I decided I had enough that the only way to get rid of it was to close & give everyone a break from passing it to each other. I get sick more now that I am in child care then I did before. When I get sick it is usually the flu so I close a couple days just to make sure I do not pass it on to the kids. I have been averaging once every 6 months (twice a yr) but I have a feeling that this yr may be different cuz like I said I was sick in the fall & I was just sick again last week.
Crystal 02:44 PM 06-29-2010
I do not close when I am sick or if my kids are sick.....UNLESS it's an emergency. In 13 years I have closed 2 days due to illness.....daughter was in hospital for dehydration and I had meningitis. I have a back up in case I am TOO sick, but generally, I just work through it.
jen 02:54 PM 06-29-2010
Mostly I work through it but twice (in 8 years) I have called parents and cancelled daycare...both times I was puking...never for my kids.
TGT09 02:54 PM 06-29-2010
Originally Posted by tymaboy:
I get sick more now that I am in child care then I did before.
I was starting to wonder if it was just me that had all the sickness. I think I got rid of my one child that was CONSTANTLY bringing in various things. Since she's left my DC, she's been sick at least 3 times and it's been severe and so thankful that the rest of them weren't around her to get it.
MN Mom 07:24 AM 06-30-2010
I call my family and let them know that "so-and-so" is sick, and give them the option of bringing their kids for the day.

I will only call for pick-ups for puking. It is way to hard to manage a bunch of kids when all of your time is devoted to cleaning up puke is gross (it is THE only bodily fluid that makes me gag / vomit).

If I'm sick, I work...unless it's me having the pukes. And (KNOCKING ON WOOD) my family never got the stomach flu this year, even though dck's all had it at least once.
Golden Rule 07:37 AM 06-30-2010
Like any spoiled/pampered child, when I am sick I want my mommy

She has always come to run the daycare in events such as these.... I have the Greatest Mom in the world!!!!!
boysx5 07:38 AM 06-30-2010
I closed two days last month I was just not feeling good but normally just work if I'm not feeling good. If my kids are sick they just stay upstairs away from daycare but my boys are a bit older so its eaiser
MarinaVanessa 09:22 AM 06-30-2010
I know this is not typical but my contract and handbook say that I close (so that I have that option) but typically I let the families know that my daughter is sick and they can choose whether or not to bring their child. Usually it's just a minor cold or something and they are made well aware of it and I don't allow her to play with the daycare toys. She likes to stay in her room anyway when she's feeling sick (eating and such also) and uses a seperate bathroom. Most still opt not to come and I get paid either way. If I had a fussy kid then I would probably close for sure. If their kids are sick, they deffinetely stay home and can't come to daycare.
Unregistered 10:53 AM 06-30-2010
I don't usually close for colds, mine or my kids. My children are teens now and really can just go hide when they are sick. I do close if it's a stomach thing though either me or my children. Don't need to expose everyone and I want my house totally disinfected before I reopen.
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