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MomBoss 07:38 AM 04-20-2021
I have a child that i thought was ready to be in underwear, but he has been having an accident a couple times a week. I want to have him back in pull-ups because this is becoming a sanitary issue. I had to throw away a kids size stiffed animal couch because there is no way to clean it and he peed on it. Itís frustrating. Is it unreasonable to tell his parents he needs to go back into a pullup until he is dry for 2 weeks and going to the toilet on his own without my constant reminder?
Cat Herder 07:51 AM 04-20-2021
Nope. It is not unreasonable at all.

That is literally my policy. No worries, it is a very common policy and required in most states. Parents should expect it.
Snowmom 08:32 AM 04-20-2021
Totally reasonable and typical as well.

Regression is a normal response in some kids.
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