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TwinMama 07:34 AM 05-05-2021
I'm trying to come up with a new outdoor play area. I have a playset, but would like to put out some other fun things. What are your outdoor play areas like?
284878 09:13 AM 05-05-2021
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I have a tunnel named Gus you can climb through and come over and on. I have a car bed that the kids get in pretend to play and I also use it as the large toy box for buckets and things that blow around. I have tricycles, mowers, shopping carts, water table, sand table, those really annoying popcorn popper toys that kids get and nobody likes inside, have a playhouse, seesaw, some older step two kitchen, two slides coming off from the playset and tire swing, picnic table, other ride on, balance beam, and bunch of stuff that they can make a obstacle course.

I rotate the Small things in and out of a shed come out winter toys like sleds in the shed.

Oh I also have a TV console, lol, it's made by step 2 I believe and it's for an Old tube TV and gaming, so I put it in the playground and they use it as a bench or to store things in it because of all of its little shelves. I paid $1.50 for it at a thrift store and they put it in the sporting good room instead of the furniture room.
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