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Unregistered 04:07 PM 05-05-2021
I'm really bad at explaning things so bare with me while I try to explain my situation. I work in a small center 45 kids are the max to enroll. We'v been working shortstaffed since 2 teachers quit without notice. We just hired two new ones, and another employee came back. She's military and wont be staying long. We have 4 rooms total. Infant, 1's, young 2, 2-3's.

I've been working in the one's since I got rehired back in January. I've been taking the lead since the one's teacher quit in Feb. I've stuck with them when we had 3 teachers to 31 kids. I've thought about quitting so many times, but, I love my kids too much plus I just got a raise ($12/hr) not much, but the most I've ever made. I still live at home so I don't have whole bills to pay.

The new teacher just started in my room today. I was under the impression that she was gonna be the new one's lead. That's what I heard during her interview. Anyways, My boss is in LOVE with one of my co-workersI'll clal her Sally. This girl works in the infant room (which is attached to my room and you can see it through the glass doors) she's been constantly watching me since she got into that room in March. She was suppose to be in the younger 2's room, but my boss wanted her in the infant room and the OG infant teacher in the 2's room. So the OG infant teacher quit in MArch beacuse she didn't wanna be with the young 2's.

Now, Sally doesn't like the infant room. I over heard her talking to the new assistant (which is Sally's good friend btw.) Saying that tomorrow they were gonna be in the one's room. I did the math and that leaves me in the infant room with the one baby. There's only one because the other one is sick. We normally have 2.

Another thing about Sally is she loves to point out all the mistakes I make! I have 11 kids max and have been working alone with 5 kids before now. This was my first time forced as a lead. So yeah, I make mistakes, but my kids are happy, unharmed and clean. She only points out my mistakes and tells my boss. She literally watches everything I do in my room. She can't mind her own damn business! Sally and my boss love to gossip and shit. Idk.

So I guess my boss has a plan to move me with the infants and keeo Sally and her BFF in the ones. If she does that, I'm quittting. Idc. Maybe I'm dramatic but you have to understand that I've been doing so much and giving so much only to be moved into another room because my boss only caters to Sally's needs? Half way into the school year. Like?? If I have to leave my kids I'm leaving the whole damn place.

I hope this makes sense.
284878 06:03 PM 05-05-2021
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Cat Herder 05:22 AM 05-06-2021
Unfortunately, what you describe is a daily occurrence across every center, ever.

You have two choices. 1) Quit and prove your employer right. 2) Move to the new room, welcome it as a learning opportunity, and become invaluable to your employer over time by being the reliable employee.

IMHO, Favorites burn out when they overplay their hand. And they always do. Just wait it out, be reliable and learn everything you can. When it is time to move on, you will have experience in every room. It will give you an edge in hiring and even a directors position one day. Every move is an opportunity for growth.
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