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MissLisa08 10:05 AM 05-04-2021
I am updating my emergency bag. Making sure I have everything I need. Restocking anything needed. What do you keep in your bag? I am looking to add to it if you have some ideas I have not thought of.
284878 10:51 AM 05-04-2021
What is the bag for?
MissLisa08 11:27 AM 05-04-2021
The bag is for if you had to leave in the case of an emergency. So earthquake or fire etc
e.j. 06:38 PM 05-04-2021
I put everything in my emergency bag that the state says I have to have in my First Aid kit: Adhesive tape, instant cold pack, gauze pads, gauze roller bandages, non-latex disposable gloves, Band Aids, thermometer, tweezers, scissors and a CPR mouth guard. I also put copies of the kids' emergency cards, a few diapers in a couple of different sizes, wipes, a water bottle or two, hand sanitizer, Neosporin, information about me (my name, address, ICE contact) in case something happens to me and a small amount of cash.
284878 08:40 AM 05-06-2021
Come join us at the new site
Cat Herder 11:32 AM 05-06-2021
I keep the typical stuff plus a couple short boards/cling for splinting, a Pedi board for immobilization, chemical ice packs and a lawn wagon for quick movement with the entire group in tow, JIC of green/brown/blue out. (we have over 18 unfilled police, forestry, fire and ems positions right now, more as of next week. We were down to a skeleton crew before that. We are not alone, it will become national any minute, now. Maybe people will remember then.... but I digress)

Playground trauma is the most likely scenario, so planning for that makes the most sense. I also have an AED.
Cat Herder 11:38 AM 05-06-2021
I read further down you meant a bug out bag? Sorry.

Food, water, contact list and have them pick up ASAP at preplanned meetup place. Have two places arranged, two different directions in case of road closure. Parents are responsible for having a plan to get to either within 30 minutes even if it means another family member in the other direction.
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