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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How A 3 Weeks Notice Turned Into A One Day Notice
Unregistered 09:05 AM 05-12-2021
I planned on doing 3 weeks just to spend time with my kids. The main reasons why I'm quitting is because I had a really traumatic experience witnessing child abuse at another center last year and because I lost my passion. Yes, I've been on here before with multiple accounts talking about that place. Yes I was gonna leave the field for good but came back because I was being stubborn.

Well, when I put my notice in, I broke down. I wanted to be honest with my director (my mistake ) and tell her exactly why I was leaving the field entirely. I didn't tell her everything about my last center because I didn't think it was necessary. While I'm braking down, crying like an Doof just thinking about my last center she said two things to me.

She said, "I'm sure what you saw wasn't as bad as you think." Downplaying my experience just like my last center did. THEN SHE SAID , "Oh if you did something to the kids, I know you wouldn't." I don't exactly remember. My heart sank. She;s basically saying I did something to my old kids? Is this a rumor she heard? After all her son does work at my last center during the summer. After she said that, I looked at her, stopped crying and said, "its best if I make tomorrow my last day."

I felt attacked. She made me feel like I did something to my old kids and she downplayed what I witnessed. I'm sure she wasn't trying to word it that way, but I'm not in the right state to just brush it off. This makes me think my last center is ruining my reputation.

I'm leaving for mental health reasons and I do plan on getting therapy now that in person therapy is avalible. I do not plan on returning to the field. Now I'm just looking to heal and grow and find something else to do with my life.

I also hope this is my last post on here or on any other ECE field.
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