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tenderhearts 02:18 PM 05-20-2021
I am really at my wits end with 2 of my dcb. One is 2 1/2 one is 3. Both have been with me a long time and both communicate very well and are smart boys. Recently I am having issues with them thinking it's ok to throw toys in the room, we have talked about it many many many times and both know what is ok and what is not yet they keep doing this over and over, every single day. I have tried separating and having do other activities but it starts back up again. Any ideas on how to get them to understand we don't throw toys? Things I've tried redirecting to table activities which ends up being same thing, throwing caps to markers, crayons, or puzzle pieces. I have tried book center but end up mistreating my books standing on them, bending them opposite way, I have tried not allowing them to play with anything for a few minutes. Nothing is working its like they think I'm telling them to do this instead of not. I have never experienced something like this for so long. Help please ideas would be great
Rockgirl 02:55 PM 05-20-2021
Here, if they were throwing toys, they’d get one soft toy to play with, alone. After a set time of not throwing, they’d get a chance to play normally. Repeat.
Michael 04:59 PM 05-20-2021
Here’s more threads on kids throwing toys:
tenderhearts 05:25 PM 05-20-2021
I did give them both a soft toy and one of them stopped throwing but the other one continued throwing that across the room.
Cat Herder 05:33 AM 05-21-2021
"You throw it, you lose it." I don't care if they are only left with a play rug and one shoe by the afternoon. Same consequence, every time, until it ends.

The toys go in a box they can see, just out of reach. They don't get them back until the next day. Rinse/Repeat

The toys have to be cleaned daily, anyway, so no skin off my nose. It will be a natural consequence for them, though.
Snowmom 03:46 PM 05-21-2021
When a child breaks a house rule here, my serious mom voice shouts out "SIT". They sit down right where they are.

Yep dude, you lost toy privileges.

He's only got access to the baby area until he shows me he can play nice and follow rules.

btw, I still have a baby area of my playroom, even though technically I don't have any babies enrolled. So, no babies get hurt. Nobody really likes playing by themselves. It gets old, fast.
tenderhearts 01:05 PM 05-24-2021
He played with nothing for the later part of the day, next day back to the same thing losing toys ad then playing with nothing. After 3 days of this, I finally had him tell his dad what was going on and his dad said well sounds like we need to talk when we get home with mom, well since then he hasn't thrown any toys and actually will say, I will not throw toys today.
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