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KikiSchultz 07:14 PM 05-24-2021
Hi There! I am new here and stumbled upon this forum while searching for contract templates. Forgive me if my post doesn't land in the correct spot. I'm still navigating through the site.

I've been a childcare provider for 20 years, the last three of them transitioning to caring for teachers' children only.

Unfortunately, I haven't updated my contract since I started and I'm looking for any contract templates that are designed, specifically for doing care for teachers only.

Would anyone here have anything like that, they'd be willing to share?

Thanks so much!

Michael 01:06 AM 05-25-2021
Welcome to the forum. Many of us are now on the new forum at

Here are some threads on contracts.
Cat Herder 05:08 AM 05-25-2021
I charge the same tuition, in advance of the week, year round. They can attend or not, their choice. The slot is theirs.

It has not been my experience that teachers are willing to pay for a slot over summer (if they are not working) any other way. There is always some loophole to be exploited to get out of paying for summer or vacations.
PB&J 08:19 AM 05-25-2021
We are open year round, and for the few teacher families we have, we charge them half-price every week they are out over the summer to hold their spot. Itís non refundable and it doesnít apply to future feesÖit is ours, to hold the spot. School breaks during the school year are paid for at regular rate, just like every other client. This policy works for us, because it drops our enrollment just enough to give staff time off that they request to be with their families. Obviously for smaller home daycares, that reduction in fees may not work!

Alternatively, it can also open up spots for siblings who only need summer care. (But we only take kids up through age 6, even if they are siblings; older kids just donít work out here).

Another provider I know serves only teachers, and she happily closes over the summer. She has her families put down a non refundable holding fee to confirm that they will be returning in the fall.

Both of our contracts clearly write these terms out, and clearly state that the fees are non refundable and guarantee a spot that they will return to. The fees are holding fees and do not apply to any other terms, for any future uses.
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