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MissLisa08 02:21 PM 01-18-2020
First off I'm in California and opening a home day care. I did an addition onto my home for the day care room. What are the requirements as far as ac and heating? I was going to run the central ac and heat into the room but I'm also thinking about just putting a portable heater in there instead and once it's summer putting a portable ac. I've looked in the regulations and can't find anything on requirements when it comes to this. Does anyone know what will pass and what won't? Any suggestions on what to do?
Michael 11:41 AM 01-19-2020
Personally, I wouldn’t have an appliance that a child get burned from unless it has a barrier or screen around it for protection.

Page 67

The home shall be free from defects or conditions which might endanger a child. Safety precautions shall include but not be limited to:
(1) Fireplaces and open-face heaters shall be screened to prevent access by children. The home shall contain a fire extinguisher and smoke detector device which meet standards established by the State Fire Marshal.
(2) Gas heaters shall be properly vented and permanently installed.
JakeMarshall 08:00 AM 06-18-2021
As early as the first stage of construction, the installation of supply and exhaust natural ventilation is envisaged when designing the building. It allows for pass-through, angular, and one-way ventilation.
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